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Hasselblad Mount

Hasselblad Lens to Nikon F Camera Mount Adapter by Kenko


105mm F3.5 COLOR - HELIAR Hasselblad V-series F-mount. (VOIGTLANDER )


 Hasselblad CARL ZEISS Jena MC 300mm f/4 Lens  setup for a Hasselblad mount


Hasselblad HC Macro 120mm lens for H mount


Mint Hasselblad CF 24mm f/3.5 IH fisheye wide angle lens PL mount




Hasselblad 80mm f/2.8 Lens For Hasselblad H & Fujifilm GFX 50s H mount adaper


Fotodiox Lens Adapter Hasselblad V-Mount Lens to Nikon F-Mount Camera


Hasselblad 40681 Lens Mount Ring B60 with BOX Excellent!


Carl Zeiss Jena Biotessar 165/2.8 Coated Lens Hasselblad Mount


[RARE] HORSEMAN VCC PRO Canon EOS mount w/ hasselblad lens adapter (1404-G660)


Hasselblad V mount for Alpa with shutter upper chord function accessory *New*


Ex Som benoist berthiot 105mm f/1.9 lens modified to Hasselblad mount #X00632


Hasselblad V lens to PL mount Arri RED Adapter


Hasselblad V mount for Alpa with shutter upper chord function Accessory NEW


Rodenstock 200 H:5.8 Imagon Copal 3 Hasselblad mount #10543786




Rollei Rolleiflex PQ Schneider Curtagon 60/3.5 HFT Hasselblad V mount modified


Astro Berlin 125mm f2.3 Pan-Tachar Hasselblad F mount #39651


Schneider 55mm f4.5 PCS-Super-Angulon Hasselblad F mount #13632725


USA Body Cap+Rear Lens Cap Set for Hasselblad Mount 500CM 500C 503CX 501CM 501C


Rodenstock 200mm f5.6 Imagon Hasselblad F mount #10543920


Schneider 75-150mm f4.5 Beta-Variogon Hasselblad F mount #14023285


EX Angenieux Kodak Anastigmat 100mm f/3.5 Modified to Hasselblad mount #X00611


Rollei Rolleiflex Schneider Apo Tele Xenar HFT 300/4 Hasselblad V mount modified


Carl Zeiss Jena 16.5cm f2.7 Tessar Hasselblad F mount #661402


Hasselblad V mount for Alpa with shutter upper chord function camera accessory


Carl Zeiss Tele-Tessar 5.6/350mm RED T, Hasselblad mount


Curtis 6in f2.8 Stellar Hasselblad F mount #1395 ........... Very Rare !!


Hasselblad CFE 80 80mm f/2.8 CFE Lens For Hasselblad V Mount Excelent++


Traid Pantel 400mm f4 Hasselblad F mount #BL808932


Kodak 103mm f2.8 Printing Ektar Hasselblad F mount #OT145


SCHNEIDER Beta-Variogon 75-150mm F4.5 Hasselblad F mount with filter


Ernemann 150mm f3.5 Ernon Anastigmat Hasselblad F mount #107027


EX Som berthiot paris flor 105mm f/4.5 Modified to Hasselblad mount #X00613


Kinoptik 500mm f5.6 Aplanat Hasselblad F mount #30624


Som Berthiot 105mm f4.5 Hasselblad F mount #f82507


Zeiss S-Orthoplanar 105 f5.6 Hasselblad V mount (no shutter)


Carl Meyer Speed 125mm f2 Hasselblad F mount #00824


Ex+ Meyer Gorlitz trioplan 100mm f/2.8 modified to Hasselblad mount #HK7117X